Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mark Hamill Guest Stars

One thing the publicity surrounding the new Star Wars movies seems to have done is revived Mark Hamill's acting career.  Ironically, Star Wars fame doesn't seem to have been a benefit to Hamill back in the days when Luke Skywalker was everywhere. However, since news outlets have been buzzing with speculation about the return of Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer for the 2015 release, the three have been the focus of renewed interest.

Whether Hamill is testing the waters with a more visible role or he's getting more offers since the spotlight has turned back toward the trio, his television appearances have stepped up quite a bit.  After a spot with Star Trek veteran George Takei on The Neighbors in March, we're now hearing that Hamill will guest star on the 2-part season finale of Criminal Minds.

Information about Hamill's role on the popular crime drama has been strictly limited, but we're hearing hints that he may not be the good guy.  Tune in on May 22 to learn more.
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